Herwig Holzmann – has your anger really disappeared or have you just buried it so deep

When longtime netlabel contributor Herwig Holzmann contacted us a few years ago, we fell in love with his music. It turned into one of the most popular releases in the first version of Camomille ‘ the fragmentary ep ‘, which he released as Photophob. He’s been very active in the last years on great netlabels like ton atom, laridae, and binkcrsh.
For a while now, we’ve had the fortune of listening to his most recent work, the aptly named ‘ Has your anger really disappeared or have you just buried it so deep ‘. We’ve been planning it for a long time ( as well as the visuals that come with it, courtesy of Camomille founder Vincent Fugare’s La Manufacture ) and we’re very happy to release it in the beautiful, dramatic and often changing scapes of early Autumn. Just like the spectacle outside, Herwig’s album is a testament to metamorphosis and change. Somewhere along the lines of its more orchestral instrumentation, textural ambient, and jazz, we witness the eclosion of a thought as it specifies itself. And yes, it is epic.Written and recorded by Herwig Holzmann

Photography, & design by La Manufacture [click here for photoshoot]

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