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Even though they might be the next Beyonce, Kanye or the next big thing in the entertainment industry, most aspiring musicians are often held back from pursuing their dreams due to lack of finances. Fortunately, with the constant advancement in digital technology, it is now possible for anyone to own a studio at home on a fixed budget. Setting up a studio at home not only enables an aspiring musician(s) to record music at any hour but also saves a lot of money as it eliminates the hourly fees that most studios usually charge musicians hence enabling them to try as many times as they want for perfect results. So how do you go about the process of building an in-home studio? Check out the answer to that and much more on the best way to build a music studio room below.

Choose your space wisely

The first step in building an in-home studio is selecting the right space. The good thing about building one is that you can do so in almost every space at home, even a garden shed or an empty garage. While choosing the right space for your studio, keep in mind that the bigger it is, the better as a bigger room gifts you with the best sound quality and also allows you more space for your growing music gear and instruments. It also means that you can easily let more people in, without it being cramped. Large rooms with high ceilings are more recommendable for better sound quality.

Consider the location of the studio room

Interior rooms are more recommendable as they help in noise reduction. For instance, building your studio in the basement shields you from human-made and nature noises such as traffic or birds. Additionally, it also ensures that those within your house are not disturbed by your recording noise. The last thing you want is to have your neighbors report you for disturbance, so ensure that you pay close attention to all your options and choose the quietest location for this project. Also ensure it has enough lighting.

Begin setting it up

Once you’ve chosen the room you feel will work best for this project, the next step is to clear it out. Take everything off the walls and the floor and remove anything that or might vibrate. Once you are done clearing, it is now time to set it up. By setting it up we mean that it is now time to design it in a way that will not only look beautiful but will also sound beautiful. Below is what you need to do to ensure it sounds acoustically correct.


As mentioned earlier, this article is supposed to help you learn the best way to build a music studio on a budget. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about purchasing soundproof doors and windows because the old ones will work perfectly. For instance, for the door, all you need to do is apply a sheetblok as it helps prevent sound coming from outside and also ensures any noises you make within the studio don’t go out. As for the windows, you don’t have to block them as they are an essential source of lighting. Instead, you can install single double glazed window panes as they are effective in keeping the noise out if installed correctly. For the walls, you can purchase wallpapers and install them for yourself. Fortunately, there are many low-priced options on sites like Amazon and as such, you can get high quality without breaking your budget. What’s even better is that they come in different colors and designs hence you can customize the room to your preference. Also, consider adding a couch or even bean bag chairs as they help in sound absorption. Lastly, do not forget the floors. To ensure that it does not produce noisy vibrations that might affect the quality of your recordings, elevate your floor or add carpet. The latter is more recommendable but if its impossible use carpet as it prevents sound from bouncing off. Once you’ve soundproofed, ensure it’s sealed off completely.

Get the right gear

A studio is incomplete without the following essentials

  • Computer
  • A quality digital audio workstation
  • A solid audio interface
  • A pair of studio headphones and a quality studio microphone
  • Audio accessories such as cables, stands, and racks
  • Powered monitors

Ensure the room is breathable

Once everything is ready, you need to ensure that the room is comfortable enough for you to work in it. Below are some of the appliances which will help create a more pleasant recording environment


Due to the foam installed to ensure quality sound, most studio rooms usually have high levels of humidity which cause the room to be uncomfortable. However, installing a quality dehumidifier will help suck in the moisture creating a more comfortable working environment.

HVAC system

You also need a properly working HVAC system to regulate the room temperature for a much comfier working environment.

Essential oil diffuser

This studio room is a place where most of your dreams will come true and you therefore need to ensure that the environment here is as pleasant as it can possibly be for you to work in comfort. Therefore, you need to get the best type of oil diffuser for essential oil. Essential oils not only make the room smell better but also boast many other benefits. For instance, besides freshening the air naturally, essential oils like lavender and balsam fir help relieve stress, increase concentration and mental sharpness and even boost energy levels.

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